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Some of the upcoming Christian Deer Hunters Association® outreaches.

  • March 16, 2024 The Big Little Hunting & Fishing Expo & Auction - McLeod County Fairgrounds – Hutchinson, MN
  • March 22-24, 2024 Open Season Sportsman's Expo
  • April 6, 2024 Hamburg, MN (Event Booth)
  • August 9 -11 & August 16-18, 2024 Anoka Game Fair

Outline Of Booth Guidelines For Official Christian Deer Hunters Association® Outreaches

  • Only current CDHA members shall be allowed in the booth. Any minor working in the booth should be accompanied by a parent who is a CDHA member or other member whom the parent(s) or guardian by their own volition have selected to be responsible for the minor.  Ultimate responsibility for each minor rests with the legal parent(s) or guardian.
  • Clothing—Only CDHA or nondescript clothing shall be worn while in the booth.  By "nondescript" we mean caps and clothing which do not have names, clubs, organizations, associations, slogans, etc.  The three major reasons for this are:
    • Some organizations or members of organizations may not want to be identified with the CDHA and would not appreciate members of our association representing them.
    • The CDHA does not necessarily endorse the philosophies or policies of all organizations.
    • The CDHA wants to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings or confusion with other groups.
  • CDHA members who are working in the booth will not discuss political or other sensitive issues which are not in line with the association's outreach goals. No other forms of business shall be conducted through the booth.
  • Requests for additional copies of Devotions for Deer Hunters shall be limited to one. Those wanting additional copies should be encouraged to become members.
  • Except in unavoidable situations (e.g. only one person working), memberships and donations should be counted by at least two people at the end of each day.  The total should be recorded and then all monies forwarded to the Executive Treasurer.
  • Any questions concerning these general guidelines or questions that arise at the booth should be directed to the Executive Board.

Note:  We suggest you wear whatever seems appropriate and comfortable for an outreach to hunters (see II above).

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